Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday - I'm Freeeeeee!!!!!!

Mutterings continued.

No play tonight, or tomorrow, or Tuesday. Yay! Not that I'm not enjoying it, it's just that it will be nice to have an evening in watching the telly in my dressing gown. What the telly is doing wearing my dressing gown, I'll never know. Boom Boom.

Blimey, it's gone dark! It's only 2.03pm but it's very dark inside - I can't see the keyboard! It's also started to rain again; thunderstorms are threatened.

Just back from Dad's; we had meatloaf with vegies (mmmm, cabbage with bacon!) and gravy, and fruit and cream.

Grumpy Old Woman Rant. On GOW the other night, one of the topics was the wearing of totally inappropriate underwear and the rise, if you'll pardon the pun, of the thong. I agree with the consensus of opinion; what the hell is the use of wearing a piece of string up your bum? Not only are they a waste of material, they must be terribly unhygienic. I mean, they go up your bum, right? Right next to the more intimate parts of your bum and front bottom. What's to stop whatever germies they may have from travelling from their 'bits' onto the thong?

And the women who wear them insist of wearing hipster trousers, so the waistband of the thong is exposed. Does this mean that the germies that have travelled up the material are being shed on whatever these skinny minnies sit on or lean against?

I am sooo tempted to spray these girls with Glen 20 or Dettol to keep the germs at bay. *spray spray* "Get away from me! Wear normal underpants, you walking germ factory!"

On a related note, what the fuck is the use of thong panty liners?? What are they - a piece of dental floss with an adhesive strip?

Now that I've put you off whatever it was you may have been eating and/or drinking, I'll go onto something else.

Doctor Who - not sure. Not happy with what they've done to the Daleks (turned them into the Borg and given them, well one of them, emotions), and not terribly happy with the relationship between the Doctor and Rose. I can see that the Doctor would like the occasional hug (as evidenced in last night's The Long Game), and I can also see that Christopher Eccleston is eminently huggable, I'm just not sure about the potential for unrequited love and unspoken sexual tension. I mean, look what happened to Moonlighting when Maddie and, um, Bruce Willis, got it together. And Mork and Mindy. Ok, bad example.

That said, I did enjoy most of last night's Long Game. It featured the Wonderful Tamsin Greig and Simon "Shaun of the Dead" Pegg.


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