Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another opening, another show

Mutterings continued.

And I'm knackered. Opening night went well, despite the very heavy downpour that threatened to drown out the acoustics (and which did flood the backstage area). We were without an SM, so Pat the Director called the show (sound, lighting, curtain, etc cues) and did a fabulous job. I jumped one of my set change cues and brought a bench on a tad early but I think the audience was to engrossed with the action to notice.

Got to bed about midnight, after setting the stage for tonight's performance, with everything from the hips down aching. I have to lug, with assistance, a very heavy single bed up and down some scarily narrow steps and it's taking its toll on my knees.

Dad and I were going on a picnic to Freo today - last night Dad suggested that we postpone it if the weather was too dodgy. I was hoping he would cancel as I could do with more time in bed. Got a call at 8am this morning from him, "I've made the sandwiches, looks like the weather is clearing." *sigh* Still, it was a reasonable day - some rain and we had to eat in the car but it was pleasant.

I received four parcels this week, very productive - my latest V and B Iris goodie, a creamer; lots of HHGTTG stuff - disks and book of scripts; and a video of Richard II from Ash.


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