Monday, June 27, 2005

A Profitable Monday

Mutterings continued.

Went to Carousel shopping centre this morning and picked up a number of props - 2 boxes from Aust. Post which have been turned inside out and string put through them to make gas mask boxes; a vintage-looking lipstick (Revlon); a rather nice 'engagement' ring from Kleins; some white plaster tape from the Chemist (for the side of George's head); and a white paper bag (for the pasties - I couldn't find any for sale, which was bloody frustrating, so I started hanging around shops to see who put customers' purchases into white bags. I spotted a Woman's Weekly being popped into one at a news kiosk, so I bought a gardening magazine for Dad and was most definite when the assistant asked if I wanted it in a bag.)

We have a tech run tonight, which will be just lights, sound and set changes. Hopefully it won't go too late (famous last words).

Dad and I are off to Freo again for lunch tomorrow. He likes Freo and watching the boats go by. He had a good day, today - a very nice lunch and a few games of bowls at the Seniors' Centre.

The Aust. Post delivery man has just knocked on the door and left a couple of parcels - some tabacco tins that I'd won on Ebay (I'm not into tabacco tins however they make nice set dressing) and a video of the BBC Richard II from my friend Ash.


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