Friday, July 01, 2005

It's Friday, 9.09am

Mutterings continued.

and I'm still in my dressing gown. I've just put the kettle on for another cup of coffee and I don't have to rush off anywhere looking for props. I have a loaf of bread and some ginger ale (body double for Newcastle Brown Ale) to buy later but today will be, I'm hoping, a lazy day.

The front of house bar is selling Newc Brown and for the last couple of performances I've been getting a couple of bottles for two of the scenes. It was supposed to last more than one night, but the buggers keep drinking it! From now on, I think ginger ale will have to suffice as it's getting expensive. I've substituted appple juice for the horrid cold tea which was doubling as sherry and brandy. Dunno why I didn't think of it earlier - I've used apple juice before.

After I hurt my wrist during a scene change on Wed. (nearly fell down the stairs with the bed), Director Pat has enlisted the aid of two beefy guys, ok, actors, to help get the bed up and down the stairs. This has made my life much easier.

Small house last night, but appreciative. It appears that there were Geordies in the audience as they picked up and laughed at familir names - Walker Park, Eldon Square, Elswick.

I am now the proud possessor of ALL the HHGTTG radio episodes, from the Primary Phase through to the Quandry. And all the scripts. And the two LPs.

From Outpost Gallifrey - this. I caught an episode of Posh Nosh last night, starring the wonderful Richard E. Grant (who would, and indeed did make, a great Doctor). His character, Simon, was mourning the loss of his "tennis coach" until his wife, Minty, introduced him to another "tennis coach", played by David "Doctor #13 or is it 14?" Tennant.


Always give unused pork to your dog or hurl it at the nearest vegetarian, with a cry of 'Catch!'. That'll teach them not to have a sense of humour.


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