Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not quite as cold

Mutterings continued.

Chilly start to the day, about 2ish degrees C. The thing that irritates about these cold, dry days is the static electricity I build up. Got zapped a couple of times today so spent the afternoon touching metal things with my static discharger. It works!

Performance tonight. I popped out at lunch time to top up the perishable props (bread, apple juice, ginger ale) and realised I'd forgotten the cake. Had to pop to the shops, again, after work.

Last night's episode of Grumpy Old Women was great. One of the women was describing how she's turned into the Litter Police - on seeing someone drop litter, she picks it up and hands it back to them. I've wanted to do that! At lunch yesterday, we were sitting next to the door and people kept coming in and not shutting it. I nearly said, "Born in a bloody barn, were you?" to several of them. In a few years time, when I'm older and grumpier, I will.


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