Monday, July 04, 2005

What did that poor comet ever do to NASA?

Mutterings continued.

There it was, minding its own business, tootling through the universe, when a bloody great piece of metal the size of a washing machine gets chucked at it! Cool stuff from the NASA Deep Impact site.

A rainy day, good for the dams, good for the ducks. I had a meeting at 9am with the boss, which meant walking from one side of the Zoo to the other; fortunately I only got sprinkled on as I walked back past the orangs. Hmm, I hope it was rain...

The parcel delivery chappie has just knocked at the door and delivered a largish box. It's a set of lovely old bottles I won on Ebay, including a very nice Lovatt and Lovatt glazed ink bottle and a heavy stoneware ginger beer bottle. And a Hollidge ink bottle that isn't in the best condition but is a rather wonderful shape. Here's a pic of something similar (it's the one on the left).


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