Monday, August 21, 2006

Lousy 'journalism'

Mutterings continued.

I'm beginning to think that online news articles aren't run past an editor before being posted. This piece about the Trekkie convention in Las Vegas is a prime example. Mr Spock is called Doctor Spock a number of times (I can understand the confusion in the 60s when there was a Doctor Spock, but I'm sure the writer of this piece has probably never heard of him!) and a group of 10 university students from Taiwan "trolled" the convention (I'm sure he meant 'trawled'. If he didn't, and I was one of those Taiwanese fans, I'd be pissed off!). I feel tempted to correct the errors in red text and send it back to; wouldn't make any difference, sadly.

On a lighter note, it's raining again! Warmish today - 21c - and rather pleasant. We took a walk to the cafe for lunch via the new orang climbing frames and walked back past the baboon boys, who were wrestling, chewing on each other and generally being boys.


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