Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Four seasons in one day

Mutterings continued

Ok, two seasons. Lots of rain overnight and this morning, fined up to a nice sunny afternoon. We had lunch at the cafe and sat in the sun for a while to get our levels of vitamin D up. Then took a stroll back through the Savannah, where lions Alistair and Manzi were having a roaring competition.

I've finished writing Thespis and have sent it to the editor for proofing. That's a fancy way of saying that I sent it Pat to look at before we get it copied 50 odd times by Office Works. In black and white.

Casting for Cosi is complete and rehearsals have begun. There are a few old faces including Scott Sheridan and Eliot "soupy twist" McCann, and some new 'uns - hello Sonia!

From the Guardian on-line: "Funny, ha ha. To celebrate a golden age for British comedy, we asked a few famous faces to help us recreate a few famous images ..."


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