Sunday, September 10, 2006


24c, thunderstorms forecast - means only one thing. Humid!!

Last night's noodle dish turned out very well, even if I do say so myself. And I realise that self praise is no recommendation, as my mother used to say. I doubled the ingredients, which meant I doubled the amount of red curry paste, which meant that it was bordering on the
too warm for this wuss. However Leece and Rob didn't mind as they live by the credo "You can never have too much chilli or too much caffeine."

The evening's viewing was a mixed bag: The Curse of the Claw, a Ripping Yarn; episode 2 of Eureka (a very good 'ghost' story); part 2 of Dr Who (The Satan Pit, for real this time); Stargate:Atlantis (complete with telepathic whale); and Stargate:SG1 series 9, first
episode (following shortly thereafter by the second episode. And in the spirit of "We can stop any time we like", we did. The story is in three parts, dammit!).

Wikipedia goodness - Prisoner references in popular culture. Also Prisoner related: The Times and I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape.


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