Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to make yourself feel old

Mutterings continued.

Got an email from Scoop magazine with info about some upcoming gigs, one of which was a tour by Brian Cadd and Russell Morris. Tomorrow night's gig is at the Civic Hotel in Inglewood - felt appropriate to me as I was living in Inglewood when I first listened to Russell Morris and Cadd's band, Axiom. We're talking 37 years ago, people. *sigh*

I am having an increasingly hard time comprehending that there are actually people out who are old enough to be married, have jobs, etc etc who weren't born when Dark Side of the Moon came out.

On a brighter note, dinner last night at Anna Vietnamese restaurants with TUS-Maureen (who was off to Thailand today on a junket, which I think is like blancmange). Started with prawn toast, finished with chicken cinnamon, no room for dessert.

And today I had lunch with Kim at the lunch bar opposite Wesley College - bacon and egg roll and a coffee for $5.90. Bargain!

Got my first Annals of Improbable Research journal (home of the Ig-Nobel Awards) the other day - I'd forgotten I'd subscribed.

Ending on an incredibly bright note, today I received a statement for one of my two credit cards which states that I owe them $4.76. Woo hoo!


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