Friday, August 25, 2006

There goes the pay packet

Mutterings continued.

Not that I actually receive a pay packet, more a computer generated pay advice, but you get my meaning.

Went shopping this morning and have come home with five tops, five DVDs and $60 worth of groceries. Oh dear and all before 10.30am. Fortunately, all the clothes were bought on sale - two of the tops are rather groovy (I'm from the 60s - I'm allowed to say 'groovy') tie-dyed Indian numbers in sea blue and green and were only $15 each.

Likewise, (almost) all the DVDs were also on sale - finally found the extended edition of A Knight's Tale for $15.99 (K Mart); Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition, no less) both for $14.92; The Name of the Rose ($9.92); and The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse. I'd seen Apocalypse in K Mart for $32.99 and figured that Ezydvd across the arcade and down a bit might have it cheaper. They didn't have it at all; Sanity Music did, however, and for $3 cheaper.

The grocery shopping was almost as exciting - Coles in Cannington stock a small variety of English made goodies, including Weeta Bix and PG Tips pyramid tea bags. I now have enough of both to last a while. A long while. Oddly, the comestibles are found in the "Asian Foods" aisle; I wouldn't have thought the Asian community was THAT big in the UK. Mind you, there are a lot of people from India and Pakistan in Bradford, where some wonderful curry houses are to be found.

Perusing the Indian section of the food aisle, I came across the puppadum shelf. I picked up a packet that looked interesting until I turned it over and saw that nearly all the puppadums were broken. "Wonder how that happened," I thought. Whereupon I dropped the packet on the floor, thus answering my own question.

And they had Whiskas for 99c a tin. Er, not in the Asian foods aisle, but.

  1. The Funky Bunches flower shop in Leederville is a lovely establishment whose corporate livery, and identity, is bright purple. When they opened up a shop in Como, just down t'road from me, they painted it their signature colour. The South Perth City Council (boo!!) swooned and then screamed, "You can't paint in that colour! It doesn't fit in with the Como ambiance!! Paint it white!!". Or words to that effect. So why do they allow this? The Como Hotel may look cool and funky in the photos, but reality is a little more nauseating. The pub is painted purple and lime green. Not a nice shade of purple, either. And there is never any excuse to use lime green. And it's a bloody big building so there's a lot of purple and lime green on show.
  2. Where are all the Manfreds? When I bought my little BUS (Ford Fiesta), the car had been voted Car of the Year by Wheels (I think, coulda been the RAC) and I was told by the car dealer that the model was so popular, the only choice I had in colours was white or dark blue (I got the dark blue - it's metallic and looks really nice in the sun. Or when it's clean. Ahem.). So were are all the other Manfreds? I don't recall seeing another Fiesta for months.
And on a sad note, our solar system has lost a planet. Yes, the planet Pluto ain't. Looks like we'll have to make up a new mnemonic to remember the order of the plants, because My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas don't work anymore. Perhaps she could serve us noodles and be done with it.


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