Thursday, August 24, 2006

Feels like I'm on holiday.

Mutterings continued.

I only have tomorrow off, so it's not a very long holiday. I plan to go "me" shopping in the morning and then lunch with Pat, Genette and Shirley. The forecast is for rain, and we'll be sitting outside, but the table is under cover. Which is nice.

And today I had lunch with Kim. We went to the noodle house in Mends Street - I had the three flavour noodles (the flavour being sweet chilli sauce). Don't think we'll go there again.

Last night's episode of Extras was very funny and had some lovely one-liners from Mr Gervais. Thanks to TV Snob for this quote from our episode 1 (I think it was episode 2 in the UK and the US):

"Ben Stiller plays himself as a director of the movie in which the main character was orphaned during wartime. Ben questions how to help an orphaned child:

"How can I cheer up this orphaned kid? By showing him the DVD of Dodgeball? Well, sure, then he'll be happy for an hour and a half, but what then? Do I show him Dodgeball again? Of course, he'll get more out of it, because he'll spot new things the second time round. It's layered; it's written that way. But how many times can I show him Dodgeball? Seven, eight, maybe. Then what?"

To which Andy Millman mutters, "Make Dodgeball 2?"

And this:
Ben Stiller: "And who are you?"
Andy Millman: "Nobody."
Ben Stiller: "What?"
Andy Millman: "Nobody."
Ben Stiller: "Exactly. And who am I?"
Andy Millman: "Either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember."
Ben Stiller: "Was that supposed to be funny?"
Andy Millman: "You tell me, you were in it."

I'll stop now.


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