Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another shiny Sunday

The temps are heading towards the mid 20s mark by Wednesday - today feels very summery indeed.

Dinner last night consisted of vegetable curry, jasmine/wild rice, puppadums and naan bread, followed by chocolate cake and mint fondue. Mmmm....fondue....

And the viewing consisted of the pilot of Stargate:SG1 (on a medium called video tape. Altogether now: Yes, we've got a video!!!"). I know there are certain unnamed persons in the community (Hi Grant!!) who don't like Stargate, but I do. I have lost track of it and was very perplexed to see a cover graphic from the series 9 DVDs which showed Teal'c, my favourite character, with hair. When did he grow hair?? I saw a BTS look at SG1 a few years back, hosted by Christopher Judge, who was lovely and as camp as all getout. I see from his biog that he appeared in Wise Guy - will have to keep an eye out.

And then we watched the Derek Jacobi episode of Randall and Hopkirk, which L and R liked, I'm pleased to say. This was followed by a British history lesson in Dr Who "The Idiot's Lantern", with the wonderful Maureen Lipton as The Wire. Then it was a Gou'ald/Wraith crossover ep of Atlantis, and finally, MST3K's Manhunt in Space. It must be space because everything is prefaced with the word 'space'.

From the preceding short, General Hospital:
[Black-caped, solemn nurse Jesse glides through the hospital ward lobby.]
Crow: Ah, here comes Nurse Feratu.
Milo had a brief, but intense, relationship with Leece's boot. It'll never last.

Today has been spent tidying up, visiting the Stock Road markets for books (Phineas Redux by Trollop; Under World by Reginald Hill; and the Court at Windsor - a Domestic History by Hibbert), and lunch at Britannia Cafe (roast meat and veg, Yorkshire pud and a pot of tea).

Forgot to mention the trip to Bunnings to buy some plants - Chinese vegies and soapwort.


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