Sunday, August 27, 2006

Carry On Up the Nerd

Mutterings continued.

Over on angriest's blog a few days ago, the comments, which started out talking about the delisting of Pluto as a planet, somehow turned into a discussion about Carry On films. This was my suggestion for a new movie:

The Kenneth Williams/Julian Clarey character would be the owner of a company, which his wife, Hattie Jacques/Dawn French, would be trying to turn into something nice and family oriented. His company partner and brother in law, Sid James/Tony Slattery, on the other hand, wants to turn it into a porn site with lots of photos of Barbara Windsor with her top falling off.

Bernard Bresslaw is the dim, but gifted, programmer caught between Sid and Hattie.

Nerds looking for porn are puzzled with the ever-changing website - tits one day, crochet patterns the next.


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