Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Mutterings continued.

It's Thespis time again. Thespis is the GRADS members' newsletter and I volunteered a few months back to take it on. I have photos from Hedda, I have an almost complete cast list for Cosi, all I need are the President's 'bits'.

Too warm for winter today - 27c! Made for a warm walk back from the cafe, through the Savannah and past the orangs. Most of the Painted Dogs were up at the wire for some reason - usually they ignore passers by, but something had stirred them up today.

And next door was the Rare Saddleback Rhino (or possibly a cross between a rhino and a tapir).

The staining across the back is actually worming mixture - it's hard to get rhinos to swallow medicine so vets use a liquid that is absorbed through the skin.


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