Monday, August 28, 2006

Thin end of the wedge

Mutterings continued.

24c today, 27c tomorrow. Noooooooooo!!!! Fortunately we're back to showers and 23c by Wednesday. Phew. My whining about the weather is index-linked to the temperature.

I had left-over curry for lunch and then took a stroll to the cafe for a real coffee (as opposed to the unleaded I usually drink. High blood pressure and all that.) and a meander back through the World of Birds. Most of the aviaries have had the internal walls removed so three enclosures have become one. We visited the Blue and Yellow Macaws who were staring snootily down their beaks at us from the high perch. Until Helen took her 'special' shell out of her coat pocket to show them, whereupon they climbed down the wire, had a bit of a nibble of the shell and posed for photographs. The visitors were very impressed.

Helen's shell has also worked on White-cheeked Gibbons and Orangs.


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