Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend drawing to a close

Mutterings continued.

No wonder we're near the end of the year at the rate the days go by.

L and R made nachos for dinner last night (mmm...nachos...) and I provided the lemon tarts/apple parcels/marshmallowie thingie with eyes on it that kept following Rob around the room. The eyes, not the marshmallow.

Evening's viewing was a little disjointed - we started watching the pilot of Eureka, stopped it part way through to watch Dr Who, then watched the end. It has a lot of promise and some very funny writing. The Dr Who ep, BTW, was The Satan Pit, which featured some close rellies of the Pak'Ma'Ra. Looking forward to the conclusion next week. Here can be found a Dr Who ebook by Mark Gatiss. Somewhere in the viewing were Mystie's Tormented and episode 2 of Fruits Basket.


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