Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another Shiny Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Rain was forecast for this morning but I don't think we got any. It's shiny and bright outside and I've done the washing (3 loads), the vacuuming and general tidying up. I have a meeting in a couple of hours and L and R for dinner tonight. I piked out of making something and have bought 3 beef swags from the Garden City butcher's. They are seriously good and I'll be doing mashed spud and sauteed carrots in tarragon.

The search for the perfect mascara goes on. All my make up is cruelty-free as I make sure it's not tested on animals. Miranesse, Innoxa and Chi Chi don't test on animals (Chi Chi's labelling states that it's only tested on family and friends) and make good stuff except when it comes to mascara. I have long eyelashes that are sparse, so I need mascara that thickens them up without making them gluggy and stuck together; unfortunately, I'm rather vain when it comes to my eyes and I'm forever looking for the perfect mascara. L'Oreal's Lash Architect, which I first bought at a duty free shop in Rome for 8 Euro, comes pretty close. Today I bought Max Factor's Masterpiece and it's not too shabby.

I'm also on the lookout for the perfect handbag. I've got one of Leece's bright yellow messenger bags with a zebra on it that I take to work but am always looking for something smaller.

Some of the booty on offer at Fandomedia came from Crumpler, makers of bags and all-round fun people. Leece won a really nice laptop bag and L and R bought camera bags from the shop. And now I've ordered a bag online. The receipt says this, "Thank you for giving your hard-earned cash to Crumpler Australia. This is a copy of your order which we will now examine closely and if it complies with our exacting standards, very soon you will have a Crumpler bag to keep you warm at night...." and "Your order number is important. Make a note of it. Treasure it. You'll need to quote your order number if you have a query with your order. If you want to talk about your order, you can just reply to this email. We know who you are." Heheh.


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