Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Hol.

Mutterings continued.

It's 9.45am, I've only just got up and the sky is a very pale blue.

Visited L and R last night at the Emerald. It was the tail-end of Fandomedia and there was much activity and giving away of booty. I have a dragon inna box sitting on my kitchen table; it belongs to Rob, who won it in a raffle, and who doesn't have any space on his bike to take it home. So I shall look after it for the next couple of days until I can take it to its dad on Wednesday.

When I arrived, L and R and sundry others were engaged in Railroad Tycoon so I was forced to go look at the book stall where I was forced to buy books by Neil Gaiman and Jasper Ffford. And have a chat with . I wasn't forced to chat with him; it was nice to catch up. He's had a hair cut.

And then Gigi and I had coffee in the restaurant and waited for L and R to finish their game before we all had dinner. I had the poached chicken breast with vegetables and a cabernet jus, followed by a gelati quartet. Mmmm.

The night's viewing consisted of Eureka, Stargate:Atlantis, Mystie's The Rebel Set (featuring the beatniks from the faux beat movie we saw a couple of weeks ago. Obviously they wandered off their set and onto this one) and finished with...something else. Brain fade... I wanted to see Dr Who The Ghost Army again but it was getting late and L and R weren't convinced that they could just stop at one episode.

Today is housework day. I have a pile o' washing and tidying up. Have been neglectful.

Thanks to Angriest and battblush and martinlivings for this meme:

1) What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?
Anything with Tony Robinson, Dr Who, Mythbusters.

2) What if any TV shows do you own on DVD?

Babylon 5 (all of then including the movies and Crusade); Cadfael; The Professionals; Space:1999; Black Books (all 3 series); 3 volumes of Ardman's Creature Comforts; a couple of X Files; both series of Raffles, The Goodies and Randall and Hopkirk; first series if McGyver, several Poirots.

3) Can you name your favorite TV show theme song?

I love the new Dr Who theme, but that's not exactly a song. Probably the theme from Randall and Hopkirk -

4) Have you ever been on TV and if so for what?

Not that I can remember. I had my photo in the paper when I was at kindie.

15) What is your favorite YouTube video (feel free to post a link)?

Several of the Mystie shorts, too many to list. They're scattered about my blog.


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