Friday, September 22, 2006

Nice Friday

Mutterings continued.

Spent most of the morning with the new rep from the hardware company with whome we have a (mandatory) contract discussing hose cocks and screws.

I had lunch with friends old and new and some in between. I had the very healthy cus cus with vegetables, followed by also healthy (ahem) carrot cake. We had a long natter, mostly about the stage and horticulture. And travel.

And then I had a mooch around Spotlight and Bunnings.

It's been a good day.

The weekend is looking interesting also. I'm attempting fresh spring rolls and...something...for dinner tomorrow. Sunday is the Genghis Con (I think) quiz afternoon at the Hyde Park Hotel. If anyone out there is thinking of going, I wouldn't bother as we won two years in a row. (Famous last words, and all that).

One of the volumes of Amateur Stage I bought last week has instructions for staging Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. I wouldn't have thought such an Australian play would translate to Britain.

And now, a plug for the Hayman Theatre Company. We go to their panto every Christmas; sadly, this year's is the last under Tony Nicholls.

Coming soon.......


a new version of the old legend

Written by Tony Nicholls

Our favourite rags to riches story is Cinderella. It’s a triumph of love and goodness over greed and cruelty.

And it’s the stuff that dreams, fairytales and pantomimes are made of!

Hayman Theatre’s 2006 pantomime Cinderella is an entertainment for the whole family, created by Tony Nicholls and based on the fairytale known and loved around the world.

It’s a new version of the old legend.

Will the power-hungry Count Dandini get his hands on the Kingdom of Cornucopia? Will the ugly step-sisters, Swot and Hetty, get their feet in the glass slipper and their hands on the Prince? Will the verbally challenged wicked stepmother, Lady Halfcock, ever get her hands on a dictionary? And will Cinderella ever find her Prince Charming and live happily ever after?

With all the traditional trappings of a pantomime - music, jokes, topical references, a feisty dame, colourful costumes and a large talented cast, it’s fast-moving fun. And to find out how we get to the “happily ever after” bit, you’ll have to see the show!

November 29 - December 9

Performance times TBA

Subiaco Arts Centre


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