Thursday, September 14, 2006

Warm day

Mutterings continued.

5:47pm and it's 24c. Hmmm....not happy. It bodes ill. Actually, today was really pleasant. Caroline and I went to the lunch bar opposite Wesley College for dins - I had intentions of getting something healthy, along the lines of chicken, avocado, tomato and cheese and ended up buying a bacon and egg roll. It did have salad, but!

The sky is a lovely lavender colour at the moment.

Dinner and company last night was wonderful. We went to Cafe Villa in Leederville where Leece and I had lightly crumbed chicken breast stuffed with smoky bacon and Camembert. We didn't really have room for dessert but we had it anyway.

And speaking of desserts - food cam!

Much scrumpiousness courtesy of L and R last Saturday.


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