Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice Day.

Mutterings continued.

20c, overcast but with some sunshine. Rain is forecast, which is nice, and the temps are staying moderate for the next couple of days.

Yesterday, as I was doing the weekly (boring) grocery shopping in Coles, I thought to myself that the Xmas stuff will be in the supermarkets soon. Walked into K Mart and was accosted by a line of Xmas trees at the entrance. *sigh* Still, I suppose it IS only 3 months and a few days until Xmas.

Last night L and R made stir fry beef noodles with orange for dinner using a recipe out of the Wagamama cookbook. A def. keeper. Next week I'll be making the fresh spring rolls - I have the vermicelli noodles and rice paper, just need the other fixin's which include prawns and carrots. The Wagamama cookbook has proved to be a boon. I made dessert; when I say 'made', I mean assembled. I bought a really nice sugar pineapple, which I destroyed with my new pineapple corer. It works - it just works better if you keep the thing straight instead of at an angle. Added some huuuge strawberries and really nice Carnarvon bananas and topped it with cream and plum gelati.

Last night's viewing consisted of ep 3 of Fruits Basket; Space:1999 (in which nobody died! Not even the expendable guest stars!!); Dr Who (Love and Monsters, an interesting episode written by Russell T Davies that some people hate but which we enjoyed. I especially liked the silly slapstick chasing/being chased by the alien but then I'm a sucker for a sight gag.); and finally, MST3K's The beatnik's, which had no beatnik's in it at all, just some over-age juvenile delinquents. The head 'beatnik' wore a suit and tie and sang Perry Como type ballads. Not a reefer, bongo or goatee in sight. Or Maynard G Crebbs, come to think of it.

Speaking of Dr Who, and David Tennant in particular, did you know that Tennant isn't DT's real name? It's McDonald but there was already a David McDonald on Equity's books, so he chose Tennant after Neil T in the Pet Shop Boys.

Today I visited Stock Road Markets and found some booty in the second-hand book shop. While perusing the Drama section, I saw three near identical books on top of the shelves. Dragged them down, blew off the dust (literally) and discovered they were bound copies of Amateur Stage from 1957, 1960 and 1961. There are some great photos of amateur productions (to paraphrase The Course Art of Acting, "If your production photos look like this, it's a Course Production.") as well as timeless articles (costume and wig hire companies complaining that amateur companies don't look after the gear and don't they know how hard it is to get rubber fixative out of a human hair wig??). Bought some vegies and then tootled to Britannia Cafe to see if they were busy; they weren't so I had a roast and a pot of tea for breakfast/lunch. Me full.

I cut my fingers on my hair again this morning. It's bizarre! I didn't touch anything sharp prior to pulling back the shower curtain and turning on the taps. Ran my hands over my hair to get it wet, felt pain in both index fingers and looked down to see blood coming out of the right one. The left one just has a cut in it, no blood.

Earworm: forgot to mention that I also visited Bunnings. As I pulled into the car park, I switched onto ABC FM who were playing the soundtrack of a movie. They were playing the instrumental version of the theme song and it was driving me mad because I couldn't identify it. I could get some of the words: " Can". It was starting to look as though I'd have to stay in the car until they announced what the soundtrack was when it finally hit me. Theme from Superman. The music is now stuck in my head. Thanks Aunty!


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