Friday, September 15, 2006

Deterministic Nomenclature strikes again

Mutterings continued.

These are from the latest Reproduction, Fertility and Development Journal:

Variation of sperm head shape and tail length in a species of Australian hydromyine rodent: the spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis

- Appropriate name for someone working in the field of reproduction.

Similarities between female meadow voles mating during post-partum oestrus and raising two concurrent litters and females raising only one litter
- As is this (snigger)

Note for Leece and Rob: url for the theatre blogs, including the incomparable Eliot McCann.

I've got the Men in White on in the background. They were asked to invent something that would quickly and without fuss paint a room. They came up with a paint bomb a la Mr Bean (that managed to paint the floor and not the walls) and a rotating paint disperser that they worked out would probably take 40 years to paint the walls.

Foxtel will be screening the Christopher Eccleston Dr Who eps from 1 October - that's double the Dr Whoey goodness of a weekend.


Anonymous leece said...

Sounds like a candidate for an IgNobel Prize. :-)

1:09 am  

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