Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Just back from the Thaimarind restaurant in Leederville, replete with yummy food. We had the banquet for four which included prawn blanket, chicken satay, spring rolls for entree, followed by chef's special lamb (or lump, as we read it), chicken with cashews, beef and prawns with basil. Followed by steamed banana with ice cream. I love Thai food - it's not hot, just nicely spicy.

The staff coped with a busy restaurant really well - there was one waitress and the chef.

Interesting interview with Derek Jacobi in the Guardian - 'I already knew I was a tetchy beast'

Patrick Stewart is on Extras tonight. He's written a screenplay in which he has mental powers to control things (like Prof. Xavier but in the real world). This power seems mainly to cause ladies clothes to fall off.


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