Monday, September 25, 2006

Another month goes whizzing by.

Mutterings continued.

This time next week it will be October. Where has the year gone? There was a letter from the Health Dept in my mailbox telling me it was time for my next mammogram. But I've just had one! No, I had one two years ago.

We had fun at the Genghis Con's quiz arvo yesterday. Our table was leading for most of the rounds but we was done in by the music round. As much as we like Weird Al, we couldn't actually get many of his polka-ated songs. Still, we came equal third and there was booty (I got issue 7 of Borderlands) and much fun.

Leece, Rob and I stayed on for dinner in the bisto and watched the hordes traipsing in for another quiz night in the big function room. It looked as though it was a fundraiser for a play. And then we all came back here for coffee and MST3K - a rather sad affair called When Moons Attack. Or something. It was a cobbled together tv series which kept going to black for the advertisement inserts.

Today was very busy - lots of phone calls, reports to do, newsletters to write. Most interesting was speaking to a chap who works for a company that's erecting some units near the Mill Pt Road freeway on-ramp. They have a pair of Ospreys that keeps building a nest on the top of one of their cranes. He wanted confirmation that they were Ospreys (he said that he'd been told by CALM that ospreys and sea eagles are the same thing. Not quite. Same family, different genus and species.), which they were. Gorgeous they are too.


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