Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Middle of a Long Weekend

Mutterings continued.

Sunny Sunday follows a Soggy Saturday. Muggy Monday coming up.

Yesterday was spent shopping in the morning (no shiny thing purchases - just groceries and clothes) and hennaing my hair in the afternoon. Putting henna on one's hair is a messy business and my bathroom looked like an explosion in a chocolate factory. I left it on for 6 hours, which meant I couldn't leave the flat or answer the door.

Watched the Army of Ghosts ep of Dr Who last night. Damn! it was good. The final scene in particular was very cool. Lots of funny moments - the Eastenders and Stargate references in particular.

This morning I went to Gosnells Markets for more Xmas Pressie fixings and fruit and vegies. And I bought some low fat, rather tasty, hamburgers from the butcher. Very nice grilled.

And tonight I'm heading into the City to meet L and R for dinner and DVDs.


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