Saturday, October 14, 2006

Busy Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Well, that's the housework done. Ok, some of the housework done. I still have the washing to do but I'll do that tomorrow morning.

Shiny thing purchase - a can opener, $2.26. Oooh, last of the big spenders, me. Also bought Rob's B/D present. And boring groceries.

There was another card from the PO agency in the letterbox yesterday. Forgot to go and get it this morning. Ah well. It can wait until Monday. I'm guessing it's the Firefly DVD tinbox set.

There's a great show on the Lifestyle Channel called Grand Designs. I want this loch house in Scotland.

Planning my trip to the UK next year has begun. I'm looking at award flights (I have enough FF points to get me there and back) and there are some interesting combinations; the oddest being Perth - Adelaide - Sydney - London. Unfortunately, it leaves as 6.20am from Perth! The flights via Singapore and Frankfurt mean the least time in airports, funnily enough. This one sounds ok:
10 September 15:30
10 September 20:50
QF71 A330-300 0

10 September 23:00
11 September 05:40
QF5 747-400 0
11 September 07:25
11 September 08:15
BA901 767

Pity the last leg is with BA.


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