Sunday, October 08, 2006

Major Owies

Mutterings continued.

Last night I used my new vegie julienner to slice up carrots for dinner. You know what's coming next, don't you? Yup, julienned my thumb. Grabbed a clean tea towel to staunch the blood, ran to the bathroom for a quick run under water and then kept sticking bandaids on it until the blood didn't come through any more.

I didn't faint, which I have been known to do, but felt rather light headed and queasy at one point. I showed L and R the tea towels with the blood on and they looked rather askance and said, "Thought you were going to show us towels and towels full of it!". It did look rather pathetic and at the time I thought there was a lot more.

I'm too much of a wuss to take the bandaids off to look at the damage so will make an appointment for the doc to do it while I look away and try to be brave and not pass out. It doesn't hurt, just tingles a bit, and last night was very warm. I just don't want to look at my poor cross-hatched digit.

Told you I was a wuss.

Hurray for YouTube - the first look at Torchwood.

Dinner last night, devastating wound to cook notwithstanding, went well. The beef swags I'd bought from the butcher's were really, really nice and full of large chunks of tender meat (no snout or tendons here!) and a tasty gravy. Went well with the mashed spud and non-blood drowned carrots. And dessert consisted of three large muffins each - which none of us could finish, meaning leftovers!

Started the night's viewing with Fruits Basket, which introduced another other zodiac characters - the boar. Cute she was, too. And then a mind swap episode of Atlantis, followed by Eureka (in which Matt Frewer's accent became increasingly more grating. Leece thought he was South African until we saw all the Australian bits and pieces in his house - flag, at least it wasn't the NZ one, faux Aboriginal art, Wombat crossing signs, a veritable explosion in a tacky Barrack Street souvenir shop) and then a very bad/good Mystie, Attack of the the Eye Creatures. The movie title really did have two "the" in it.

It's Ig Nobel Prize time again. And the winners are....

Thank the Small Gods for Stop the Toad - 6000 cane toads gassed at WA border. Eek!

It looks as though the strong winds we had overnight have blown most of the smoke away. There's still a bit of a haze about the city but it's not as bad as yesterday.


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