Thursday, October 12, 2006

The weekend is in sight.

Mutterings continued.

Another wintry day - some showers, some wind, very little blue sky.

Long, but amusing - the scammer bit.

Looks like the op Leece's dad had yesterday has been successful. Whew! And hurray! When my dad had his heart attack in '92, he was in a ward with 3 others. One of the chaps came in looking just awful, went for a triple bypass and came back looking a million dollars. All the other guys in ward wanted a bypass too.

Shiny thing alert - picked up a parcel from the PO this morning. It was an ep of The Stranger that I'd forgotten I'd ordered. And I've received an email for Ezydvd letting me know the Firefly Inna Tin I'd ordered has been shipped. Forgotten about that, too.

The Stranger:Breach of the Peace has some very funny outtakes, most of them featuring (sad fan girl alert) David Troughton. "Oh fuck, running!" "Wait! They haven't put their fags out!" "I have now. It's dragon breath."


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