Saturday, February 28, 2004

And we're back.

Mutterings continued.

Finally got the PC back on Thursday after waiting 8 days for it to be repaired. Apparently there was nothing wrong with it (they charged me $88 to tell me this) however it's acting decidedly flaky! And the CD burner they installed doesn't work so I'll have to take it back on Tuesday to see why my PC refuses to acknowledge its existence. I'm hoping it's something as simple as a loose connection however I keep getting Windows error reports saying that a driver is causing a problem but they can't tell me which one.

One of the funnier sights of the week - seeing Sean Astin being shoulder charged and bumped out of the way by John Reece-Davies at the SAG Awards.

Last night of Tempest tonight. We've had some good houses - Wed night was near to capacity and last night was pretty good too. We thought we were going to have to complete with a Christian rock band that was playing in the lecture theatre next door but they were true to their word that they would be done by 8pm.

The Aus$ is higher than the Canadian, so I ordered series 4 of Babylon 5 from DVDsoon at a cost of A$79 (give or take). Free postage too.


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