Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Driving Miss Daisy

Mutterings continued.

I've spent the last three days driving round and round the suburbs and into town looking for shops that seem to have shut since the latest White Pages came out. Still, I guess it means I've seen things I wouldn't normally have seen, eg the paper merchants I went looking for in Subi now houses some really horrible art. And I now know what Memory Lane in Perth looks like and that Properganda in Belmont isn't open when you think it is.

I watched the first episode of Raffles last night - I'd forgotten how funny it was. Ah, memories. I used to smoke Sullivans cigs, available only from Sharps in Barrack St, just like Raffles did. They came in a lovely Moroccan leather looking box and were really expensive. Not the kind of thing I would normally spend my Tertiary Allowance on but what the hell.

I also used to smoke Black Russians - they look cool but have a gold paper filter which doesn't feel right. Too slippery.

A propos of nothing: "Dr Robert Atkins, who pioneered the low-carbohydrate diet that bears his name, was clinically obese when he died, according to a pathology report. "


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