Sunday, June 20, 2004

Cornflake catastrophe

Mutterings continued.

I opened up the box of Skippy cornflakes this morning and pulled out the bag only to have the bottom of it fall out, resulting in a veritable cascade of cornies.

I swore, Gus ran (she circles me like a shark when there is food preparation going on) and I had to drag out the dreaded vacuum cleaner (dreaded because the cats hate the noise and I just hate vacuum cleaners) to suck up all the flakes.

I learned something today:
1. Cornflakes are a herd cereal - when one goes, they all go.
2. Cornflakes are very good at camouflage - just when you think you've found them all, several more have made themselves invisible against the lino and you only discover them by stepping on them.


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