Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter Day

Mutterings continued.

Even Newsradio was counting down to the opening of the shops. I was dreading trying to negotiate my trolley past the bookshop at Garden City however it appears that they opened early - when I went past at 8am the doors were open and a couple of people were inside buying HP. No queues at all. I got my copy from K Mart for a couple of dollars cheaper.

That was my shiny purchase of the day. Not terribly shiny, I admit.

The Wonderful Leece 'n Rob have bought tickets to the Glod (TM) Class screening of Serenity. Woo hoo. Back to normal Saturdays now that Nightingale has finished. Well, sort of normal - no BSG or SG:A, but there is MST3K.


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