Sunday, October 15, 2006

A warmish Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Warm to the point of having to put the air-con on in the car whilst tootling about.

Superb dins last night - roast turkey and lots of vegies. Poor Rob had to go into work as something important had gone kar-blooey. Leece and I watched X Files (the one with Arthur Dales' brother, Arthur Dales. They also had a sister called Arthur. And a goldfish.) - The Unnatural (a play on the Robert Redford baseball movie, The Natural) about an alien from Roswell who fell in love with baseball. From memory, it was supposed to star Darren McGavin, however he had fallen ill.

And we watched ep. 2 of Randall and Hopkirk, which introduced Tom Baker as Wyvern. More gorgeous music and Hugh Laurie.

Today involved a visit to the Stock Rd markets for fruit and veg (they have Queensland bananas for $10.99/k. Expensive but nice to see Q''land 'nanas again) and then to Britannia for lunch.


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