Sunday, February 29, 2004

Another one bites the dust.

Mutterings continued.

Well, that's The Tempest over with. A successful season by all accounts and a lot of fun. I've just got back from helping bump out the set, props, etc. Not that I did very much.

It's a public hol here in the West tomorrow, and I think I'll be spending it doing the housework, something I've neglected for the last couple of weeks or so. Time for all the props paraphernalia to go back into the spare bedroom until next time.

I was disappointed to read that Channel 2 won't be showing the Dr Who story "Wargames". Some kind of contractual/copyright problems I understand. Wargames is the first story in which Pat Troughton's son, David, appears with his dad. He made a couple of further appearances, most notably as King Peladon with Jon Pertwee.

I rang Foxtel yesterday to see about getting hooked up to this digital thingie. The man and his equipment will be around some time between 7am and 12 on the 24th of March.

Nicked from the The Mausoleum Club forum page - "Astonishing Blake's 7 DVD news! have just emailed me to tell me that my Season 1 box set has been dispatched!

And they [I] said it would never be released!" Tempting, very tempting. At moment I'm waiting on B5 series 4 and Cadfael, series 1.


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