Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good day, bad day.

Mutterings continued.

Had yesterday off, which was nice. I met Director Pat in Nedlands for a coffee and a trip to the bank. Underground power is being installed in the streets surrounding the bank and I had a bit of trouble finding somewhere to park; in the end I opted for Broadway. I met Pat in the bank carpark and asked her how she got in when the streets were blocked off. "Oh, I ignored them!" she replied.

I then had a very fruitful visit to Office Works and came home with a nice silver and black satchel ($9.95), matching pencil case, Xmas paper and other bits and pieces.

Met old school chum, Genette, for lunch at the Cafe Bookshop where we both had the Caesar Salad - hers with smoked salmon, mine with chicken.

And then mooched around at home, waiting for parcels that never came.

Bad day? Yesterday was the second anniversary since Mum's death. Hard to believe she's been gone 2 years.

L and R for dins tonight (hopefully Bunnings won't go ker-blooey and call Rob away). I'm finally making the spring rolls I've been promising them. Fiddly but hopefully worth it.


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