Thursday, October 19, 2006

Headache weather

Mutterings continued.

It's been humid and not at all pleasant today - and that means headache weather.

The morning was spent running a desktop disaster recovery scenario as part of our business continuity plan. As a member of the Risk Management Committee I got to participate by scribing for our particular crisis team sub-group. And then the head of our team had to report back to the rest of the group - this involved having to read my writing. Poor man nearly went cross-eyed trying to decipher my chicken scratchings.

Walking back to the Ops Building, I spotted a couple of squirrels (Hi Callistra! Hi Lev!) bouncing along; one was behind the Admin building and the other was at the back of the World of Birds aviaries. I suspect squirrels, like sifakas, have evolved so that they can't actually walk any more, only bounce. Unlike squirrels, however, sifakas can also bounce sideways.

My tax refund cheque arrived today. Woo hoo! I can now pay off my credit card. Again. And I will keep it under control. Suuuure I will.

Had a good experience with Directory Assistance yesterday. Colleague was having trouble sending an international fax and was using the international phone code 0011. I knew this wasn't right but wasn't sure if 0015 was still being used. Thus started the search for information. It's not in the White Pages, it's nowhere on the Telstra website. It must be a state secret. So, I rang International Directory Assistance, which I gather is run by Optus. The nice lady not only told me it was 0019, but also gave me the country and city codes. Very helpful, she was.

I have tomorrow off. I worked up some hours doing three jobs and will clear some of them tomorrow. I was going to go shopping but I'm meeting Director Pat at the bank to do some Secret GRADS Business (also known as changing the signatories to the bank accounts) and then lunch at the Cafe Bookshop.


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