Monday, October 30, 2006

Help Save the Engangered Whatever They Ares

Mutterings continued.

From The Australian: "Platypus colony 'fixed' in minutes

A PLATYPUS colony in southern NSW is holding up construction of a new section of the Hume Highway but the delay could be fixed in 10 minutes, a government senator said today.

Liberal senator Bill Heffernan told a parliamentary committee today the delay could be quickly fixed if commonwealth roads staff took an interest in the construction at Coolac, a village about 100 kilometres west of Canberra.

"I'm surprised that you blokes don't know and I have to say that I think it's something you could fix in 10 minutes,'' Senator Heffernan told AusLink executives at a parliamentary inquiry into transport.

AusLink is the government body charged with overseeing the AusLink program which provides funding to nationally significant roads and railways.

"There's a colony of whatever they are that live in the edge of the bank of the creek there. "

This country is in such good hands.


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