Thursday, October 26, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Just when I get all excited about the future, in the mail pops a letter from National Seniors inviting me to join. But I'm far too young!

Also in the mail was the Xmas cattledog from Oxfam - they will def. be getting some of my money (and yah boo sucks to National Seniors).

Cosi opens tomorrow night. I shall be on the door, ushering the multitude to their seats and telling them to turn their mobile phones off. "No, madam, you can't take your drink/dinner/cigarette in with you." "I don't care what your watch says, we say it's 8pm and we're closing the doors." This happened last production - chap insisted all of our watches (ie the bar staff, director, SM, FOH manager, etc etc) were wrong when he arrived 10 minutes after curtain up.

Looking forward to meeting Sonia and catching up with Eliot Mc.

Further to yesterday's post about primate smarts, most orang keepers believe that Pongos have the mental capacity of a four year old human. Given their ability to take things apart using cunning, patience and dexterity, I'd say it was higher. Hsing, one of our males, watched a metal bed being put together in the night den across the corridor from his. By morning, he had completely dismantled his. Using his fingers. On bolts that were machine tightened.


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