Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shiny Things

Mutterings continued.

There were three parcels waiting for me at the PO agency. One contained Terry Pratchett's The Science of Diskworld II - The Globe; the second had clothes in it; and the third 3 DVDs - X Men III, Cotton, Keayes and Morris Live at the Basement and the Moody Blues. Basement has a live version of The Real Thing, which I heard performed unplugged on the Coodabeens one Sunday night and have wanted ever since.

I've been looking at awards flights with Qantas next year and it looks as though I may not have enough to get to and from London after all. According the website, I only need 112,000 points for an economy flight, however I can't work out where the hell I need to depart from for it to only cost that much. Doing the sums, I need nearly 140,000 from Perth (I have 122,000); and 128,000 from Sydney. *sigh* Looks like I'll be paying for one way, which is almost as expensive as a return. *double sigh*


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