Monday, March 01, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Thunder, lightning and a spot or two of rain. Lovely stuff.

LOTR has cleaned up at the Oscars. Comment from MC Billy Crystal, "It's official - there's no-one left in New Zealand to thank." And at the other end of the awards spectrum, the Razzies. " Mike Myers' Cat in the Hat had been in the running in many of the same categories as Gigli, but had to settle for just one award in a new category: the Worst Excuse for an Actual Movie."

John Edwards, so called talker to the dead, is having his claims that he can communication with those who have "crossed over" taken to the Department of Consumer Affairs. The best explanation of how he does what he does was given in South Park.

Happy birthday Mike D'Abo and Roger Daltry.


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