Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Lunchtime blogging

Mutterings continued.

Stupid home computer still not working, stupid technology, stupid XP, stupid orks.

There was an unexpected parcel sitting on the doorstep yesterday - it was a book of scripts written by Graham Chapman sent to me by someone I'd broken up with over 10 years ago and hadn't seen since. Not sure what it means. The tickets for Othello also turned up, not bad as I'd only booked them the day before. Class Act is down to the tech run tonight, dress rehearsals tomorrow and Friday and opening on Saturday. According to Paula (Production manager) there were only 8 seats left in the entire run - that was yesterday so they may have gone. Well done!!

Off to the Himalayan Gherkin, aka the Himali Gurkha, tonight. I haven't been out to dinner since....the last time. It was Leece and Maureen's birthday in November and we went to a Greek restaurant in Northbridge. Very nice it was.

I just did a quick spell check and the suggestion for Northbridge was 'mortifier'. Given Northbridge's reputation, that's probably about right.

Lots of activity around the Orang enclosure at work - new climbing poles are going into a couple of the enclosures and are being moved about by one of the tallest cranes I've ever seen. Two of the orangs, Puteri and Temara, were having a good old nosy at what was going on this morning - Puteri was standing on her tiptoes on the top of the climbing pole while peering into the enclosure next door. I often see them sitting in the canopy of one of their climbing poles, chins resting on hairy arms, watching the world go by.

The 2 DVD set of Return of the King is due out on May 25th along with a box set of the 3 films. This seems to be an incredibly short time between the release of the movie and the DVD.


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