Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Eeek! (revisited)

Mutterings continued.

There's another Huntsperson spider in my flat! This one, however, is rather small and only has 7 legs so I've decided to be brave and live with it. Should it fall on me, however, I shall wreak havoc upon it (from a safe distance) with a broom. It has been warned.

Interesting things in the post today - a posscard from Leece (yay!), credit card bill (boo!), Superannuation statement (yawn), sample of Purina kitty litter (huh?). I wrote away for some free goodies from Purina and they send me stuff, which is good. It's not a very large sample of kitty litter so I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with it. Milo will probably do what he always does - kick it out onto the floor.

More computer weirdness - it's still acting a little flake (IE keeps closing down, forcing me to use Netscape, which isn't a bad thing) however it's now decided that I do in fact have a cd burner as well as a DVD player. I'm glad I checked it again before unplugging the brute and lugging it back to Arrow Computers. I'm not sure what brought about this change of heart and why drive D should suddenly appear ....

Amusing, with hindsight, episode of Mission Impossible the other night. Filmed in 1968, the plot involved trying to convince a crim that he had been in cryo suspension for 12 years. Some of the futuristic gadgets were uncannily accurate - large flat tv screens, small answering machine tape-sized gizmos for playing movies, etc. All rather Space 1999 in fact.


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