Thursday, March 18, 2004

Alright! Who's been playing with the thermostat?

Mutterings continued.

Here I was, thinking summer was over and that autumn was upon us, when BAM! back comes the heat with a vengeance. 40C on Sunday? Ah well.

Crock Musicals, a very funny article in the Guardian railing against modern musicals in general and Ben Elton in particular. "Have you ever been to a Ben Elton musical? I have. It wasn't just bad, it was traumatising."

Leece's gorgeous artwork is being sold on the net in the form of very affordable t-shirts and sweats. To have a look, go here. I was given a print of one of her pieces a few years ago and the amount of detail is just stunning.

I'm slowly rebuilding my computer life. Getting a new motherboard installed means that I've lost everything and have to start from scratch (or rather, from the cds I managed to burn before the pc went completely loopy). I can't figure out how to make Eudora read its own address book. Still, it won't be too difficult to rebuild it, she said optimistically.


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