Friday, March 19, 2004


Mutterings continued.

The Cadfael Series 1 disks I ordered from Blackstar arrived today. I had a look at One Corpse Too Many - the picture was great, such an improvement from the tatty video I've been watching.

I'm booked to be upgraded, if that's the word, to Foxtel Digital on Wednesday, however given all the probs they've been having, I'm wondering if it will happen. I've taken a day's annual leave and will just have to spend it shopping instead. I've got some birthday gift vouchers to spend. 8-)

Nicked from The Mausoleum Club site:

"Sweeney Series Two DVD

Just so's you know, the confirmed line-up for extras is:

o Music only tracks featuring stereo versions of the sought-after Sweeney library music
o New Dolby 5.1 soundtrack from the original sound elements
o The original as broadcast mono soundtrack
o Interview with hard man stunt arranger Peter Brayham
o 'Wild Boys' featurette with Patrick Mower, George Layton and Lynda Bellingham
o Interview with writer Roger Marshall
o 'Golden Fleece' episode script PDF
o Episode introductions by guest stars Bill Maynard, Gwen Taylor, James Booth, Ken Hutchinson and Lynda Bellingham
o THE SWEENEY film trailer with introduction by Lynda Bellingham
o THE SWEENEY film promotional gallery "

I like the sound of The Sweeney Annual pdf.

The chappie who fixed my pc for me very helpfully downloaded Opera 7.2 - he's a fan of the Opera browser as well. Unfortunately, you don't get the full range of Blogger posting accessories (Spellcheck, Insert Link, etc) as you do in Explorer. Pity.

Blast from the past: I had a meeting on Wed afternoon for which I'm the scribe (and dogsbody). I usually take the notes on the boss's laptop however he was off sick and had taken it home. I was reduced to rooting around the cupboard to see what else we had and came up with a small beige brick. I started it up and the splash screen said, "Windows for Workgroups 3.11". It was an old lappy. It took a bit of hunting and pecking but I finally got Word open (white characters on a black screen). I'd forgotten how fast compared to Win95, 98 and XP 3.11 was. I was very tempted to use the lappy however I had my doubts that the old version of Word would convert to the XP version I've got on my pc. Micro$oft has a tendency not to be compatible with itself.


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