Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cars, celebrations, crook and Colombo.

Mutterings continued.

Manfred clocked over to 10,000k on Monday. The odometer is digital, not analogue, which means I didn't get to see it go from 9999 to 10000. Simple things, simple minds. I did get to see Freddie Ford's odometer turn over to 100,000.

Lots of socialising lately - yesterday I had lunch with Pat and Shirley and last night our first production meeting for Dream. The casting is yet to be finalised.

And tonight we're off to Picasso's to celebrate Leece and Maureen's birthday/s. And tomorrow it's Hairy Pooter with the Silvery Gibbon troop.

I've done something to my back - not sure if it's the disks (thoracic) or the muscles or whether it's actually my shoulders. Hurts, whatever it is.

I watched an ep of Colombo today that starred, and was directed by, Patrick MacGoohan. He played a secret agent, surprise, surprise, who had a habit of saying, as he was leaving people, "Be seeing you." At one point, he won a giant panda in a shooting gallery at a carnival. He told a little girl that it was called Archibald - should have been Rover.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Mutterings continued.

From the Serenity.oz website:

Dear Browncoats,

We have noticed from recent forum discussions that have listed the bonus features that will be available on the Australian Serenity DVD so we thought it was high time we confirmed the likely disc configuration in terms of content. Here it is then:

- The film itself (obviously! There may be some problems if we left this off!!) Very Happy
- Deleted Scenes
- Outtakes
- Future History: That Story of Earth That Was
- What's In A Firefly
- Re-lighting The Firefly
- Joss Whedon Introduction
- Feature Commentary
- Easter Egg - We'll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time
- A Filmmakers Journey: Journey with Joss from Script to Screen (this will be on all international DVDs but not the US version)

DISC 2 (at present, this disc is exclusive to Australia and Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg - only but other international territories may decide to release the 2nd disc as well)
- Joss Whedon Q&A Session filmed at FOX Studios in Sydney
- Extended Scenes
- Take a Walk on Serenity: Cast & Crew take us on a special tour of the Serenity ship
- The Green Clan: Feature on Cinematographer Jack Green and his team

As mentioned above, this is the likely configuration but please note that this may be subject to changes.

We have also noticed that some proposed sleeve artwork has been posted on the site as well. Please note that this artwork is yet to be approved so may not be final. We are also looking into a couple of packaging options that may be exclusive to a couple of our retail partners and we will update you on this as soon as we can.

All in all, we are really happy with the way the DVD is coming together and we can't wait for Feb 8!

Stay tuned for more updates!
Serenity DVD Team
Universal Pictures Australia


Mutterings continued.

Bloody plumbing has stopped up again; the people upstairs did their washing and I ended up with water on my kitchen and bathroom floors.

I rang the "Emergency" number at 9am, left a message and still haven't heard back from them 3 and a half hours later.

Woman upstairs was very apologetic, and annoyed, as the pipes were supposed to have been cleared a couple of weeks ago.

Cooking, caterpillars and claps of thunder

Mutterings continued.

The Italian Sausage and Olives went down a treat last night. Even I ate the olives, which was most odd. I'll be eating anchovies next. .....nah.

All the mint I planted a few months back has been eaten, probably by caterpillars. My friend Genette, who has a degree and knows these things, told me that coffee grounds got rid of the caterpillars infesting her plants, so I have been saving the grounds in a plastic container. Hopefully it will make them go away; I'm just a little concerned about unleashing wired up, caffeine addicted insects on an innocent world.

Last night's viewing was Rah Xephon (I think they've introduced a new character, just to make things even more confusing), Space:1999 and another dire movie, Robot Holocaust, from MST3K. Who'd have thought they were still making dreadful 1950s robot movies in the 80s.

The hero, Neo (hmmm, where have I heard that name before?) was played by Norris Culf, a movie star name if ever there was one. A quick squiz at IMDB reveals that most of the didn't seem to have a career in film prior to or after Holocaust. No surprises there.

The promised thunderstorm arrived. One clap of thunder was so loud it made us all jump. That's my kind of storm, though I don't think Leece was enjoying it very much.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Brit tv is looking good for the coming silly season:

From the BBC:
  • The last new Two Ronnies material recorded before Ronnie Barker's death last month, as part of their repackaged BBC ONE Christmas special.
  • A two-hour Goodies special on BBC TWO in which Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie 'blend documentary, archive, sitcom and audience participation' as they relive their Seventies heyday.
  • A BBC TWO documentary about Tony Hancock, made with his familiy's co-operation which promises to 'challenge some of the best-known myths about the comic genius'.
  • An Arena film on writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, charting their work with Hancock, Frankie Howerd and creating Steptoe and Son.
  • Three Men In A Boat, in which Griff Rhys-Jones, Rory McGrath and Dara O'Briain recreate the Thames journey of Jerome K Jerome's Victorian comic novel for BBC TWO.


Mutterings continued.

Just checked the visitor counter and it was up to 30, ie 11110. Cool.


Mutterings continued.

I've been having a play with the blog - got sick of blue. The graphics at the top and to the side may or may not be William Morris.

L and R coming for dins tonight, which means I'd better pull my finger out and get some housework done. I'm trying a recipe I've never tried before - Italian Sausage and Black Olives with Pasta. They can have the olives.

Icky weather today and tomorrow - very windy, coming from the East, humid, top of 30 with thunderstorms possible. Not nice.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Blogging at lunch time

Mutterings continued.

The 2007 GRADS season is looking interesting. Earnest was my introduction to Wilde, as it was for most people I imagine, and I loved it. It was a set subject in 4th year Eng. Lit. and I found it incredibly funny. Mr Parker's Lit. class was also my introduction to melodrama, another favourite genre. The title of the piece we did was Behind the Apsidristra, which I thought to be a very funny title. Still do.

And Hank 5 is one of my favourite Shakespeare's. Much prefer the histories to the comedies. I won't be propping for Hedda (yes, I know I said that about Butler and Dream...) but I just don't like Ibsen. Not too struck on Thomas Hardy, while we're on the classics. Can't stand the way he treated his women characters. We 'did' Tess of the D'Ubervilles at high school and I hated it.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Had lunch at the Munch Something... I keep calling it the Munch Box but that's not its real name. Anyway, it's a nice Asian restaurant in South Perth that does some very yummy dishes. Had the noodles today and didn't make too much of a mess of meself.

Came home to a letter from the landlord saying the rent is going up another $5 a week. Sigh.

Lots of fun to be had over at Bad Psychics.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Busy days

Mutterings continued.

The GRADS committee meeting went well, though it did look doubtful at one stage. The Bradley had been double booked again, this time for a horde of graduating high school students (when did this start? When kids start graduating from school??) so we had to move to the foyer of the Dolphin. A production team for Dream was established (and I'm the official Props Diva) and we meet next Tuesday.

A cute game, courtesy of National Geographic - March of the Penguins.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Busy, busy

Mutterings continued.

Had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I drove up to my bro's place in Roleystone to drop off my niece's birthday pres. Not a bad drive, about 40 minutes each way.

And a busy time at work.

Tonight I'm off to a GRADS committee meeting.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Back from Fremantle. Having pillaged and plundered three of the better second hand bookshops, I have come home with The Admirable Chrichton, a book of four English tragedies and three "new" English dramatists ("new" being in quotes because the book contains Orton's entertaining Mr Sloane, which may have been new in the 60s, but ain't now). All for a grand total of $5.

I found a copy of Boswell's diary of his doings in London.

Also purchased more of Corynne's home made soaps and some Wombah coffee beans (they're 'organic'! Like to see coffee beans that weren't, come to think of it).

Lunch at the food hall near the markets - a mound of Nasi Goreng and four huuuuge prawns.

Dins last night with L and R was great - we all had the beef and Burgundy pie. Mmm. Went very nicely with Cascade Light I drank and the Bees Knees I wore, thanks to a very clumsy waitperson. Then it was an appallingly sexist movie, Moonbase Something, or was it Something Moonbase?, given the MST3K treatment. Rob apologised on behalf of his 50% of the population for misogyny contained therein. It was written by Robert Heinlein, which is odd because there was no sex or fetishism that I could see.

SPOILERS!! The Doctor's latest regeneration. Plus some amusing bits at the end. More cool stuff - "Doctor Who Confidential reveals the secrets of Doctor Who. An exclusive look behind the scenes."

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Mutterings continued.

I cannot understand how the place gets so messy during the week. It's not like I'm here all day to mess things up. *sigh* I'm convinced the cats have parties while I'm out. Would explain the number of empty cat food tins. Which means they have learned how to operate the ring-pull, which means......oh my god....cats' got opposable thumbs!

The New Scientist is running a competition asking for readers to design their perfect modifications to the human body. I've always thought a tail with opposable capabilities would be very useful when two hands are simply not enough. Or perhaps Bonobo feet which have opposable toes.

Who'd have thought Rowan Atkinson was a Geordie...

Shiny thing purchase - titchy FM radio. Dunno why, looked cute and is purple (and silver).

Off to L and R's hotel tonight for DVDs and food.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Mutterings continued.

A busy day - lots of computer problem solving, photocopying, collating, report writing, a couple of meetings, etc etc. And in the middle of it all I had lunch with Genette at Secret Squirrrel. Had a very tasty Caesar salad with chicken.

It looks as though Margaret and David enjoyed Corpse Bride - they both gave it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Born Again Luddite

Mutterings continued.

Attended a meeting this afternoon at which wireless 'solutions' were discussed. I came to the conclusion that, not only has technology passed me by, it's backed up the car, got out, and jumped up and down on my uncomprehending body. I've never heard so many buzz words in one place - what the fuck is 'cloud internet'??

Saw Arsenic and Old Lace last night. The Brooklyn accents veered towards the cod-Irish, and at times I felt I was watching scenes from Father Ted, but on the whole it was well done. Very funny and nice to look at. Dr Einstein (not Albert, Herman) was my favourite.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accidental Frinking

Mutterings continued.

THE John Cleese has a website. There is A John Cleese lookalike who has the domain, so it looks as though the Real John Cleese has amusingly called his Ring-tailed Lemurs abound. I came across it while looking for something else, hence the 'Accidental Frinking'.

Happily Ever After: "As the ending of the new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is changed to provide eight minutes of extra schmaltz for its American release, Stuart Jeffries rethinks a few other closing scenes."

And also from The Guardian:

My Life as a Penguin.
They are the flightless birds everyone is talking about this winter, after a film about their mating and chick-rearing skills became a surprise US hit. But can penguins really teach a man how to live, as some claim? Tim Dowling joined the huddle to find out

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

After hours

Mutterings continued.

May not be off to Pat's after all; I don't think the newsletter is in a fit state to be folded and stuffed. Pity, I was looking forward to it.

Two postcards from the Admirable Leece today - one of a frog and the other a tram. And a box from Oxfam with Xmas goodies in it.

Lunch time blogging

Mutterings continued.

I'm off to El Presidente Pat's house tonight to do some GRADS newsletter folding and stuffing and gossiping (I hope) so I thought I'd blog now (not that I've done anything worth writing about).

I also see that there is an expected outage of Blogspot at 9PM PST (whatever that is). I'm not sure how that translates into real money, so I'll whitter on now, just in case.

This is cute.

Whoops, forgot my hot weather whine. It's 31.7c out there! I was invited down t'cafe for a coffee but renegged. Much rather stay here in the cool of my office where the aircon is actually working. Yay! for technology.

The Guardian review of Orlando Bloom's latest. I don't think he liked it. (I think the comment, "The rest of 2005 can bring us nothing worse than this." gave it away.) I know I bang on a bit about young Mr B, it's just that every movie that comes out seems to have him bloody in it.

Speaking of Legolas, I saw an episode of 20th Century Roadshow presented by that nice Yorkshireman, Alan T'itchmarsh. One chap brought in a genuine Legolas bow, as used by Orlando Bloom. He'd paid US$20,000 for it. Twit.

Mind you, the expert chappie who looked at it said that it will probably continue to appreciate. The twit's wife wasn't too happy at the time, apparently, as the money was to go to a new kitchen. Which probably would have made their house appreciate at a faster rate than the bow.

Monday, November 14, 2005

32c tomorrow!

Mutterings continued.

32c! And it's currently 28c at 4:51pm. Not happy.

A couple of decent reviews for Arsenic and Old Lace, which we're off to see on Wed. night.

From The Evening Standard:

Actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Kristin Scott Thomas, director Mike Leigh and the musical Mary Poppins are all in the running for the 51st Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

The shortlist, unveiled today, has 18 nominations for awards, which will be presented at a ceremony at the Savoy hotel on 28 November, hosted by writer and broadcaster Ned Sherrin.

The National Theatre, which has dominated the shortlist in recent years, has one contender this time. Covent Garden studio theatre the Donmar has three nominations and there are three for Don Carlos, directed by Donmar chief Michael Grandage, which transferred to the West End from Sheffield.

The Sydney Edwards Award for Best Director will be contested by Sir Richard Eyre for Mary Poppins and Hedda Gabler, Jonathan Kent for As You Desire Me and Grandage for Don Carlos and Grand Hotel.

Sir Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins is also nominated for Best Musical, competing with The Big Life and Stephen Daldry's Billy Elliot.

The Charles Wintour Award for most promising playwright comes with £30,000 donated jointly by Lord Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust, publisher of the Evening Standard, and Anna Wintour, daughter of the former Evening Standard editor, who instigated the awards.

This year's nominees are Nell Leyshon for her moving rural drama Comfort Me With Apples at the Hampstead Theatre, Ryan Craig for What We Did To Weinstein at the Menier Chocolate Factory and Simon Mendes da Costa for Losing Louis, also at the Hampstead Theatre.

Hurray for Del.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jeez I'm Boring

Mutterings continued.

Vanilla boy/girl
Grats! You're 31% kinky!

Your kinkscore is around average. Most likely you are fairly accepting
of other peoples kinky tendencies, but don't practice them much
yourself. Consider trying new stuff to spice up your sexlife if you
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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 2% on kinkpoints
Link: The Kinkyness Test written by nilnisicruce on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Travelling Poss

Mutterings continued.

Went to Kalamunda yesterday and came home with bags of goodies. Strange place, Kalamunda - the good shops (ie the second hand bookshop, English provisions shop, etc) don't open until 10am on a Saturday. Most odd.

Got a book about Brit sleuth telly programs in the 2nd hand bookshop - has Cadfael, Poirot, Miss Marple, etc. And then I had coffee and two slices of raisin toast for $5 from the coffee shop (bargain!) and then had a wonderful time scouring the shelves in the Brit shop for goodies. While sighing. Bought some cheese and onion and salt and vinegar crisps, a couple of things for Leece and Rob, McVities dark chocolate digestives and, sigh, a big box of Gold Yorkshire Tea tea bags. Love Yorkshire Tea; unfortunately Betty's in York, who market it, charge 18quid postage. Yipe. So I was more than happy to spend $15 for 80 tea bags. The shop also had frozen Yorkshire puds that I was very tempted to purchase, however they would have thawed by the time I got home and I'm not sure even I could eat 15 puds.

And this morning I visited the Save the Children Fund book sale in South Perth. Came away with a 1940 edition of 1066 and All That, a biog of Samuel Pepys, and some great theatre programs, including one for a Perth production of Otherwise Engaged starring Martin "is that a perm or did a poodle die on your head?" Shaw, Katy "Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! Doctor!!!!!!!!!" Manning and Geoff "He's the reason I love the theatre so much" Gibbs.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Frink, frink.

Mutterings continued.

Met the troupe of Ring-tailed lemurs this afternoon. We went into the walk-in enclosure with a container of sultanas and were descended upon. As expected, they are very cute - bloody strong too when they want the sultanas in your hand.

And then we were set upon by the Squirrel Monkeys. Love these guys - after a couple of minutes in the enclosure you become part of the furniture and are fair game. I ended up a little bloodied about the left knuckles when one of them decided to see just how long I could stand him chewing me. I cleaned and Savloned myself thoroughly and hope there aren't any Squirrel Monkey zoonotic diseas......

And speaking of lemurs, John Cleese has had one named after him - Avahi cleesei.

Amusing headline from National Geographic - Researchers have unearthed fossil evidence of a 135-million-year-old "sea monster" they're calling Godzilla. In other news, the whereabouts of Mothra are still unknown.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sunny Thursday

Mutterings continued.

Nice bit of sunshine and not too warm. Had lunch with Kim at Secret Squirrel which was very pleasant.

There are some interesting-looking episodes of Miss Marple coming up:
Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
Stephanie Beacham .... Marina Gregg
Joanna Lumley .... Dolly Bantry
Geraldine McEwan .... Miss Jane Marple
David Soul .... Jason Rudd

Marple: Sleeping Murder

Russ Abbot .... Inspector Primer
Geraldine Chaplin
Philip Davis
Dawn French
Martin Kemp
Aidan McArdle .... Hugh Hombeam
Geraldine McEwan .... Miss Jane Marple
Paul McGann
Sophia Myles .... Gwenda Reed-Halliday
Sarah Parish
Anna-Louise Plowman .... Helen Spenlove-Kennedy-Halliday
Peter Serafinowicz
Una Stubbs
Harry Treadaway .... George

Marple: The Moving Finger

Thelma Barlow .... Mrs. Maude Dane Calthrop
Kelly Brook .... Elsie Holland
Harry Enfield
Emilia Fox .... Joanna Burton
Geraldine McEwan .... Miss Jane Marple
Ken Russel .... Mr. Pye
Jessica Stevenson .... Aimee Griffith
David Suchet .... Hercule Poirot

It will be interesting to see how they manage to get Miss M and M. Poirot together - his stories were set in the 30's, her's in the 50's.

Gus is sitting by the front door staring up at the ceiling. I believe this is called 'waiting for the mothership'.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I don't believe what I've done

Mutterings continued.

Had a meeting of the GRADS committee last night to choose a director for Midsummer Night's Dream. We've got a director and a stage manager and, god help me, a props diva. You may remember I said after Nightingale that I wouldn't do props for Butler. You may even recall I said after Butler that I wouldn't do props for Dream... If anyone within earshot hears me saying 'yes' to Hedda Gabler, you have my permission to take me down.

Can you milk a curtain call that bit too much? Yes.

The Australian Orang-utan Project, of which I'm a member, is having an info stall over three days at Garden City Shopping Centre.

10th - 12th November

The stand will be manned from 8-30am to 9pm Thursday, 8-30am to 5-30pm Friday and 8-30am to 5pm Saturday.

We will be promoting all aspects of the A.O.P. at the stall

Merchandise can be purchased with a range of items from t-shirts, bags, toys, caps, magnets, stickers and cards available

Please come along and support WA in their help to save these wonderful creatures from the brink of extinction

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mutterings continued.

Set up a new lending spreadsheet for the library, tried (and failed) to understand the InMagic lending system (hence the creation of a spreadsheet), generally stayed out of the wind and rain.

The mailbox was equally uninspiring, though there was an envelope containing the tickets to Hairy Pooter.

I called into the new Coles supermarket down the road from my office. I feel guilty about not supporting the smaller (therefore more expensive) store down the road so I think I'll give them my custom next time.

Tonight's ep of Mythbusters sounds interesting: " Episode 34: Bulletproof Water
How deep must you dive to survive a gunshot? Adam and Jamie are on the case, unleashing their arsenal of pistols, shotguns and supersonic rifles to find the answer. Then the guys join forces with the MythBuilders in some playground pandemonium as they test a myth straight from the schoolyard. If you push hard enough, can you get a swing to go all the way around the swing-set bar? Everyone's tried this at some point in their lives, but this time there's a difference: On MythBusters, failure is not an option; if at first you don't succeed, then add some high explosives! " Jamie wants big boom!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A take it easy Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Got up at 9am, mooched around, tidied up, did the dishes, the washing, put things away, did the dusting.

Last night was fun - we've run out of Rah Xephon, Cattlecar Gallactica and SG:Atlantis so we watched part 1 of Final Fantasy III (I think, could be II). Very cool. And the first ep of Space:1999. And a really, really bad MST3k called The Slime People. Hurrah for Joel and the Bots.

Saw a great prog on the telly this afternoon - a Year in the Life of Ian McKellen. It was produced by the South Bank Show and followed IM around the world as he promoted Return of the King, flew to Sydney for a play, rehearsed his role as Widow Twanky in Aladdin.

There are a couple of films coming up that I'm looking foward to - we're seeing Hairy Pooter on Dec 1 and Corpse Bride is opening soon (if it hasn't already). The Times gave Tim Burton's latest 4 out of 5 stars, calling it an animated marvel.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Slept really badly last night. Vacuumed the floors at 7.30am ready for the visitors tonight; then went to the hairdresser's (a nice experience), then to the wedding and the reception (wedding speeches - the price of a free feed). And now I'm taking a breather before L and R come over.

We're having Pizza with Attitude tonight cos I don't want to cook.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Weekend Loometh

Mutterings continued.

Quite a pleasant day. Started out with an urgent email that I had to deal with in less than an hour (took slightly more but that's ok). Had a nice lunch at the cafe (toasted bacon, egg and tomato sarnie) and a Risk Management meeting for the rest of the afternoon.

It's Colin's wedding tomorrow morning, L and R are coming in the evening and I think Sunday will be spent trying to do something with the spare room. I've got another bloody rent inspection on Wednesday (at less than a week's notice).

Like most people, I have a deep seated suspicion (ok, hatred) of the tabloid press. So it's wonderful when hacks get turned on by their own. I have a lot of respect for the Guardian, none at all for the Sun. Zoe Williams's piece is a hoot.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

More poltergoose weirdness

Mutterings continued.

It disconnected my modem and won't let Firefox connect to Blogspot. IE and Opera are perfectly ok at connecting to Blogspot; Firefox keeps saying there's no data. I'm writing this in Opera, which is fine but doesn't give the full range of options such as linking, font colour, etc, just Spell Check and uploading pictures.

Another card from the PO was waiting for me in my mailbox. Dunno what it is; didn't know WHERE it is as the stupid postie had neglected to write which of 3 local POs it could be residing at. Had to ring around to find it.

Curse of the Were-Rabbit was wonderful! Lots of silly sight gags ("Angry mob supplies")and touches of adult humour ("May contain nuts"). Came with a cartoon of the Madagascar penguins. Didn't see the movie, thought the penguins were cool. The preview of Ice Age 2 was also very funny; I didn't see Ice Age 1 but know all about the squirrel and his acorn. The preview for the sequel featured the little fellow (and acorn); the rendering of his fur was so well done it looked real. Amazing.

"Kenneth Branagh is to direct a film of The Magic Flute, with a libretto translated from the German by Stephen Fry." Hmmm, interesting.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Middle of the week

Mutterings continued.

That's 3/5 of the working week gone. Off to see Were Rabbit tonight - I'm looking forward to it.

Not an exciting day - picked up my reading glasses from the optician's and can now read things. I was having a whinge about failing eyesight with the Vet Dept assistant. She's about the same age and making the same complaints, summing it all up nicely with, "Growing older sucks."

The parcel awaiting me the PO agency was Vol. 1 of the Diaries and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys. I found it through ABE Books.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Forgot to mention....

Mutterings continued.

...the poltergoose is back. The other night it unplugged my clock radio. Didn't turn it off, it unplugged it.


Code 2 Milo

Mutterings continued.

In Zoo emergency protocol parlance, a Code 1 is the escape or potential escape of a dangerous animal (large carnivore, elephant, rhino, baboon, etc). This elicits the full response - firearms, vets with dart guns, people on standby to evacuate the Zoo, that sort of thing. A Code 2 is the escape or potential escape of a critter not considered dangerous - kangaroo, lemur, tortoise, etc. Tonight we had a Code 2 Milo - he fell off the edge of the balcony, taking one of my stone dragons with him.

Milo's in one piece, if a little shaken; the dragon didn't fare so well. I dashed downstairs and grabbed Milo before he took off. Silly boy.

Lots of stuff in the postbox and on the doorstep when I got home. The obligatory "Xmas is a couple of months away so you must spend squillions on your family or they'll know you don't love them" cattledogs and a letter from the ANZ finalising Dad's account. It ain't gonna be as easy as I thought - they want a whole heap of paperwork we don't have. *sigh*

And the parcels contained: a)The Original Radio Scripts of HHGTTG plus the Pocket Guide; and b) a very nice art deco silver plate sugar bowl. Has gorgeous handles.

And a card saying there's something waiting for me at the post office.

We're off to see Hairy Pooter and the Thing (I'm confused by all the titles and have given up trying) on Dec 1 at the lovely Astor cinema. The Silvery Gibbon Project is having a fund raiser - for $15 we get tickets AND and magic bag of loot (if you consider Freddo Frogs, Chupa Chups, crisps and the like loot. Which I do.)

Mythbusters was a repeat last night, however one of the stories involved dropping a lift 8 stories, which was very cool. Lots of destructive fun.